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Oh Jeez, I forgot to post a link to my first published story.



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FP;BP (First post; best post)

I'm not really the blogging type but after my first short story being published in a real magazine, I have to say that my confidence has been boosted. Hi, I'm Jim Burdick. I'm unemployed. I'm autistic. I'm overweight. I'm single. I'm really not that kind of person to ramble on and on but here I am making a blog. Why? Why not. I'm just going to use this blog to as a space to update people on my life that won't be filled with dozens of obscure relatives trying to get to know me on facebook. At the very least I can put in blurbs and food here, maybe even something funny once in a while. That sound good?

How do blogs work again?

I recently had a good talk with a friend of mine, she’s going through the MFA program at Salve Regina and moving into a new house so the fact I was able to get any of her time is astonishing, where we drank anything that wasn’t coffee in a coffee bar. She sipped from the lip of a hot mug filled with hotter cider, while I chugged back a few Arnold Palmers in the back of the shop as we listened to the clatter coming out of the kitchen. I also had a bagel but it was nothing to write about. As we talked about friends of friends, what we were doing with our lives and the inevitable approach of death, I told her I started a blog. She asked me what the name of the website was, and I replied “Jim Burdick isn’t” which left her in hysterics. She said, “I have never heard of a better blog name before, it fits you too well.” Incredulously, I asked really? “Yeah, because when you tell people what the name of your website is, it’s going to stick in people’s heads.” So here I am, writin