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How do blogs work again?

I recently had a good talk with a friend of mine, she’s going through the MFA program at Salve Regina and moving into a new house so the fact I was able to get any of her time is astonishing, where we drank anything that wasn’t coffee in a coffee bar. She sipped from the lip of a hot mug filled with hotter cider, while I chugged back a few Arnold Palmers in the back of the shop as we listened to the clatter coming out of the kitchen. I also had a bagel but it was nothing to write about. As we talked about friends of friends, what we were doing with our lives and the inevitable approach of death, I told her I started a blog. She asked me what the name of the website was, and I replied “Jim Burdick isn’t” which left her in hysterics. She said, “I have never heard of a better blog name before, it fits you too well.” Incredulously, I asked really? “Yeah, because when you tell people what the name of your website is, it’s going to stick in people’s heads.” So here I am, writin