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Scathing review

If Wes’ Ribhouse is the best BBQ the state of Rhode Island can offer then we live in very dire straights. I will not speak ill of the wait staff the Wednesday I ate there, they were the best part of the meal, but to the so-called ‘cooks’ hiding in the kitchen, I say “FOR SHAME” in big capital letters. The restaurant may have opened for the day at 11:30, but that’s no excuse for the quality of food I was served that day. It also doesn’t make the almost freezing temperature in the dining area or the broken cup they filled with water and let spill all over the table. I wouldn’t feed the BBQ chop to my worst enemy’s dog, as resulting diarrhea would probably look and taste better. The ham was drenched in more grease that the floor of a clumsy mechanic. The ribs, the titular star of the rib house, were grisly. And this all for twelve bucks off the lunch menu. It’s almost not worth it to mention the tiny sides of baked beans and out of the bottle coleslaw that they dared to call sides or the